Fishing After Rain

fishing after rain

The weather will play a major role in deciding your fishing strategy. Understanding the connection between weather and fishing increases your probability of success in fishing after rain.

Unsuitable attire can make fishing in the rain a miserable experience. However, when perfectly attired, it is often possible to enjoy exceptional fishing while staying comfortable.

Fishing after rain – facts you should know!

Roughly speaking, fishing after a rainstorm is a poor time to fish for most species, but this can depend on a variety of other factors, such as air and water temperature, water clarity, and time of day.

fishing after rain

In addition to reducing the water’s temperature, heavy rainfall will reduce visibility in the water. The constant sound of raindrops hitting the water’s surface can also stress some fish, altering their behavior and causing them to retreat deeper into the lake.

You can check the weather forecast here.

Weather and water temperature/level

The majority of fishermen will monitor the thermometer to ensure that the water temperature is acceptable for fishing on a given day. Regardless of whether a storm can be seen or not, water temperature plays a significant impact on baiting activity.

The intensity of a rainstorm can increase oxygen levels in a lake or other pool of water. Because of this, fish may become more active and hungry as a result of an increased metabolic rate.

Do rainy-day fish bite?

Different behaviors are observed before and after a rainstorm. Rain approaching will lower air pressure. This factor alone can cause fish to consume more food. When it rains in the summer, approaching precipitation can significantly reduce air temperatures and sunlight availability.

fishing after rain

The rain provides an excellent opportunity to go fishing. The increased oxygen levels in the water also facilitate your movement. If fish feel more active, they will bite more frequently.

If your favorite location has been dry recently, this humidity will bring them back to life, so don’t abandon them just yet!

What Gear Do You Need?

When fishing in the rain, you must bring along the following essential fishing equipment:

  • Hat – Fishing after rain is more enjoyable if you can see what you’re doing, so a hat is an essential accessory.
  • Umbrella – These umbrellas are perfect for keeping you dry, but be careful to not leave them open while on the water, as they tend to flip upside down.
  • Extra Cloth – Bring additional clothing to prepare for the possibility that our clothes will become soaked and cause fever.
  • Bring ointment and lotion – Important for ensuring that our skin can adapt to cold weather
  • Prepare Tackle Box – Of course, this is an important one, and if you miss this, nothing to say.


Most of the time, fishing is better before a storm than after it. This is because fish get hungry as storms approach, but they become lazy in the hours after a storm.

source: team rebel fishing

You’ll have more success catching fish if you go out before it starts to rain. Low visibility, low barometric pressure, and other deteriorating conditions are actually ideal for fish.

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