Gotcha Ghost signs on with Team Rebel Fishing!
Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 9:02PM
Zach Miller in Ghost hunting camera, ghost camera, ghost hunting,, gotcha ghost



  A lot of people ask us what we use to get our night vision shark footage, as we are the only fisherman as far as we are aware to use full spectrum infrared technology to film the majority of our night-time expeditions. Well now the secret is out! Gotcha Ghost cameras is the ticket! YES, you read this right, one of our most important tools for extreme fishing is infact a piece paranormal ghost hunting equipment! It seemed like a perfect fit and collaborative effort, as we are big believers and paranormal enthusiasts when we are off the Team Rebel clock. So give them a ring,with the best prices on POV and still cameras around (converted or not) maybe your next fishing video or picture can go viral with the help of!

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