Team Rebel signs on with Salt Life Sport Optics
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7:34PM
Zach Miller in Folsom, Glasses, Optics, salt life, team rebel fishing

  Ok,ok.... Ill beat you to the punch,"But Zach, Salt Life isn't metal" You are right, there, I said it...

But heres the deal, we were Costa guys for a long time, but after endless pairs of the glass lens Costas shattering on us, we were left asking each other each time "what the hell is the deal with this?" So we went and did some research on why the newer Costas like to shatter, and we found out that they stopped using the legendary Zeiss Lenses! 

 But if Costa wasn't using Zeiss shatter proof high quality lenses anymore, who was? And that search brought us directly to the Salt Life Sport Optics. Let me tell you, I was skeptical, but now we are all firm believers in this product after we put them through some rigorous testing on the flats, and in the surf. Salt Life Optics are truly the real deal. Stop by Bass Pro or online and check some pairs out, we swear to you that we wouldn't go up a ladder without them!


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