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Team Rebel is a group of extreme anglers that were assembled by founder Zach "The Hammer" Miller. Team Rebel is quickly rising up the fishing ranks to national prominence, while keeping their own edge and style as they are kicking down the doors in the extreme angling entertainment industry. Team Rebel can only be described as  "A rock band that got stuck on a drift boat for too long" and many people in the fishing world and entertainment industry are intrigued, yet mystified by their edge, attitude,accomplishments and style. Team Rebel is on the cutting edge of expeditionary style angling and is world renowned for pushing the envelope to accomplish extraordinary angling feats, all while carrying a strong message of conservation about the wildlife we encounter in our expeditions.This is done all while we fight for anglers rights all across the state. We are experts in the department of shark fishing, land-based fishing, as well as shark fishing historians. Our quest will never end, as our pursuit to accomplish what many deem impossible is what drives us to put our life and own safety on the line to flatten the box of ordinary, and promote a misunderstood and mostly forgotten style of extreme angling in a way that old school sport is met with a new age twist. Join them, as cast off on our quest to rock the angling and scientific world, all while achieving our goals in ways that many may label them "Insane".

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Big Friday Report 2-24-08 (Blast from the Past)

Yes back again...as we at team rebel promised...we were going after the one that spooled the wide 6/0 last weekend in the middle of tips..got me thinking..got a hot tip loaded the trucks and headed south. From what we know, full moons, clear,calm water and a mild front almost ALWAYS equal no fish besides gummys but tonight it contradicted everything we have ever learned.

We arrive at this spot around 8 at night expecting the tide to switch soon..it laid down..it was hot and not looking right for the sharks..but we traveled so we posted up anyways and deployed a few baits on the 14/0s and one on meathooks tiagra 50 packed with 1000yds of 100lb power pro.. 2 hours pass and we had a tip that jumped us and a gummy the first of the year..it was looking grim early... friend travis's 6/0 starts whining with a tip bait on it...hes hooked and before he knows it hes got 100yds of line left and a stale mate.

He was in the heat of battle, entertaining local tourist when my 14/0 let out a cry from hell. I ran over and it was dropped...held it for about 10minutes and sure as hell the bait got slammed again..DOUBLE HOOKUP!! Now im gettin 130lb ripped off my 14/0 and travis is holding onto his for dear life trying his hardest not to get spooled.

An hour later we see my fish and get ready to land it as travis is now over a mile down the beach trying to contain his fish..mine finally hits the beach after a rugged battle in the surf and yields this BEAUTIFUL, pregnant female bull shark!!


After a few quck shots and a thank you,we sent the big girl on her way and tookoff on the mile run to help land travis fish down in BFE..we get there and after he fought this for 2 hours on straight 50lb on a bass pro combo rod we see the fish and me and ray promptly go in rope it and drag it into the shallows to yeiled a Hammerhead! about 8 ft or a lil longer..sweet!! double hookup on a BIG bull and hammer..too bad he couldnt control that fish it would have been one hell of a picture side by side!

And the reviving and release it swam away perfectly!

We make the LONG trek back, tired out of breath and dehydrated from beaching two sharks and fighting them so far apart..we decide to drop one more bait on meathooks 50wide...its in the water for 5 minutes and fish on!!!
Hook digs in and before he knows it hes on lockdown with hundreds of yards disappears off his reel quickly... the battle raged for over and hour and a half a serious tug of war on straight powerpro.

Until we FINALLY get a glimpse of what he has hooked...HAMMER!! someone screamed..a second hammer in a night? would have put my money on bull but hell yeah we will take that... Me and travis rush into subdue it and rope it to get a few quick shots and release the beast with a thank you yet again for letting us pull against her.


By the time this had all ended and we landed and revived the female hammer the best we could it was about time to hit the dusty trail and head home...all we can say is WOW! what a trip I cant even remeber the last time a double hookup ona big bull and t- head was, nevertheless two t- heads in a night! absolutely great night of fishing and will be forever remebered by all...We are gonna try again tommorow night also...All we can say is what a hell of a way to kick off the new season!!

Until next time

TEAM REBEL OUT :twisted:

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I really admire what you guys are doing. I'm impressed to see that young folks are interested in conservation and tag & release sharking. Keep up the great work!!

May 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSharky

you guys are lucky i have been in 2 shorebound sharks toreys but both came up a flop due to team members or lack of bait or time you guys got a tight little team there ive been sharken for 5 years now and have the experience but like i said have very little friends with the same passion for sharken i started sharking right after i stopped swoard fishing for a living i just wish i had the hook ups and a tight team like yours like i said you guys are lucky======matt

May 9, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterteam auqaholics

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