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Team Rebel is a group of extreme anglers that were assembled by founder Zach "The Hammer" Miller. Team Rebel is quickly rising up the fishing ranks to national prominence, while keeping their own edge and style as they are kicking down the doors in the extreme angling entertainment industry. Team Rebel can only be described as  "A rock band that got stuck on a drift boat for too long" and many people in the fishing world and entertainment industry are intrigued, yet mystified by their edge, attitude,accomplishments and style. Team Rebel is on the cutting edge of expeditionary style angling and is world renowned for pushing the envelope to accomplish extraordinary angling feats, all while carrying a strong message of conservation about the wildlife we encounter in our expeditions.This is done all while we fight for anglers rights all across the state. We are experts in the department of shark fishing, land-based fishing, as well as shark fishing historians. Our quest will never end, as our pursuit to accomplish what many deem impossible is what drives us to put our life and own safety on the line to flatten the box of ordinary, and promote a misunderstood and mostly forgotten style of extreme angling in a way that old school sport is met with a new age twist. Join them, as cast off on our quest to rock the angling and scientific world, all while achieving our goals in ways that many may label them "Insane".

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Fishing Charters

All Info now available on our new Charter sit!e!



 We have a wide variety of uniquely designed Land-Based Charters available for a wide array of species. Prices vary according to time of year, and what you would like to target, Prices are very competitive for Land-based Tarpon,Permit,Red fish, Shark,Snook, and Goliath Grouper and anything else your heart desires. Go after YOUR monster from shore, Live long and Live Legendary!

 (I am available for hire to fish anywhere in the state, travel costs may vary)



  Do you want to take a chance at wrangling a monster shark of your own? Well Zach here at Team Rebel is now doing charters!


  The beach shark fishing experience is truly a must for anybody whether you are skilled in this field or not. We put on a fun and educational charter experience that is custom made for each and every customer. This is perfect if you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with a shark, and experience the thrill of catching the oceans most dangerous and misunderstood creature, and is a great life experience to take part of!


We provide-







-And much more!

We do recommend you bring your own means of flash photography (we will have ours available however), as well a video camera if you wish. Snacks, Drinks and a chair if you wish to bring these, they will not be provided.

(Fishing Licence may apply)


  What is unique about Team Rebels Florida shark fishing charters, outside of the experience itself, is the fact that we custom build each expedition around the charters requests. Different times of year, allow us to fish for different species in a variety of different ways. We can fit your trip around your angling skills, number of people in your party, and what time of year you will be visiting, and the optimum time for the species you would like to target. In this game weather is a huge factor, so it is variable to change.


  And for the hardcore and experienced anglers out there, we do offer "Iron Man packages". In charters, we can spend anywhere from a day to a week chasing true giant sharks in various ways during certain times of the year. And with two 1000lb sharks and over 100 9ft plus sharks under his belt. Zach is ready to chase the giants, if you think you are up to the task! These trips are not meant for the faint of heart, these are some of the most extreme, and will-testing expeditions you could ever be part of, we offer a true "Iron Man" experience.

 For more information and booking for your custom charter-

E-mail- Teamrebelshark@yahoo.com

Phone- (561) 251-7779(561) 251-7779 





We here at Team Rebel are also available for a wide array of seminars and/or speaking engagements. Since we have an array of world-class anglers, this allows us to be able to speak and/or teach about various topics.


Some of these include-

-Shark fishing (Land-based, or vessel)

-Surf/Pier fishing

-Wade fishing

-Bridge Fishing

-Freshwater Fishing

-Shark fishing education/handling of the animals

   and many more!

Some of the Species we have done seminars on before include but are not limited to-





-Spotted Seatrout



 and many more!

 If you would like to contact us about scheduling a seminar and/or speaking engagement, please contact us at-

E-Mail- Teamrebelshark@yahoo.com

Phone- (561) 251-7779(561) 251-7779